Monday, March 1, 2010

Teal Dyed Wool and Yarn - Stove top (batch 2)

Since I still had plenty of dye in the water and I did not want to waste it I added another cup of vinegar and turned the burned back up to 7. Then I went looking for other stuff to dye. The second batch contained: 2.25oz of Cordial, a skein of 3.3 oz and approximately 150 yards of Riverstone Wool Yarn that is very soft, and a 4oz skein of a smooth blank wool yarn.

I added each item one at a time with no presoak. I let each one settle in before adding the next. The first in was the 3.3oz skein, next the 4oz skein and finally the cordial roving. I turned the burner off and covered it with a lid and left it alone.

The second batch sat for a good 30 minutes (and then some as I was dealing with the washing of the Tunis in between) maybe more like 45 minutes. I ended up putting it back on the burner about half way through to maintain the heat keeping it on low. This time the dye exhausted so I only needed one wash and 2 rinses.

I used the Unicorn Power Scour in the wash, the first rinse got the Unicorn Fiber Rinse, the last rinse was just tap water. I rolled them individually in the towel and put them on the rack to dry. This is what I have so far.

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