Saturday, March 20, 2010

My made up religion turned in for my World Religions class

We had the assignment of creating our own religion. I am posting it here for lack of a better place to put it so that it can be seen and read. I had fun with it. I hope you enjoy. *not intended to offend anyone.. it was purely made up for the assignment* I made a brochure to go along with it but can not figure out how to put it on here.

The Church of Fuzzy
Has life got you down? Do you find yourself struggling with depression, loneliness, and pain? Do you want to change but find yourself confused, not knowing where to turn? Who can help? Does anyone care? The answer is Yes!

You are not alone. Millions of people feel the same way. They think this is just life, there is no other way. Then why do they go on? Why do they just not give up?

The answer is that deep down inside all of us there is something that keeps us going. Until you let yourself truly believe you may know it only in your most secret heart of hearts. You know its there though because you feel it at times, even if the feeling passes. You have felt it when you hug someone close. You have felt it when you play with a cute little kitten. You have felt it sitting around with friends. You may not have realized it but you were in the presence of Fuzzy.

There is a little bit of Fuzzy that lives in all of us. Fuzzy wants us to be happy. Fuzzy wants us to feel warm and alive. Fuzzy wants us to know we are loved. Fuzzy is always with us. Fuzzy will never leave you. Fuzzy is was always there and will always be. Fuzzy wants you to make your own decisions. Fuzzy loves us all. Fuzzy just wants us to relax and enjoy life.
The Church of Fuzzy believes that we can become closer to Fuzzy. This is what we all want. We all want to be closer to Fuzzy. We all want to know the love that can only fill a person once they have accepted Fuzzy into themselves.
Fuzzy is the reason we are all here. We are all born from Fuzzy. We bring Fuzzy into this life with us. Once we realize that Fuzzy is there, we become whole again. Through Fuzzy we can live better lives. We can make the world a better place. Fuzzy does not make demands of you. Fuzzy encourages you. Through Fuzzy there is transformation. Through Fuzzy there is life. The Churches of Fuzzy are always there, always open, and aways welcoming you to come to know Fuzzy.

When you walk into a Church of Fuzzy you immediately feel the warmth spread through you. The air is pleasantly warm and comfortable. The lights are very soft and low. We take off our shoes and walk through the shag carpeting to our seats. You can sit down on one of the cozy couches or pull up a nice cushion. The air is filled with soothing sounds, light music, sometimes the sounds of the ocean. There is always something relaxing playing to help take your mind away. The incense in the air smells sweetly. Sitting inside the warm Circle of Fuzzy we are able to truly open our hearts and our minds to all that Fuzzy offers.

We sit together, feeling good and share our stories, known as Warm Fuzzies, with each other. In the sharing of Warm Fuzzies we are really able so see all the many ways that Fuzzy affects our lives. It is our mission to go out and share Warm Fuzzies with everyone. We want to spread the warmth and light that is Fuzzy. We hope to show everyone that Fuzzy is always with them, that they are never truly alone. Through Fuzzy all things are possible because when you feel good you can do great things.The Church of Fuzzy can be found in many places. To belong to the Church of Fuzzy you need only walk through the doors; everyone is welcome.

Each Church of Fuzzy has at least one Fuzzite, though larger churches usually have more. The Fuzzites are those who have dedicated their lives to Fuzzy. They gave themselves fully to the warmth and love of Fuzzy. Fuzzites typically spend years learning the ways of Fuzzy and how to help others become closer to Fuzzy. Once a Fuzzite is ready they set out to take Fuzzy into the world. They go where Fuzzy calls them. Some open new Churches of Fuzzy, while others go to help in churches that have already been established.

Fuzzites help us to understand the ways of Fuzzy. Fuzzites lead us through meditations. Fuzzites instruct us how we can be happier healthier people. Fuzzites offer personal life coaching to individuals in need. Fuzzites are there to remind us when we fall from the path that Fuzzy is there waiting with open arms, all we have to do is accept it.

While Fuzzy does not require us to go to the church at any particular day or time, most of us do go to church almost daily. Sitting in the Circle of Fuzzy helps us feel the Warmth and Love of Fuzzy. Our Fuzzites encourage us to do activities that bring us closer to Fuzzy even away from the church. Fuzzy wants us to live and enjoy life. Recommended activities include warm baths, massages, yoga, hugs, and random acts of kindness to those who may not have yet found Fuzzy so that they too may find that little bit of Fuzzy inside them. These activities are not required of course but everyone knows that the more you do them the closer you will find yourself to Fuzzy.

Living a life close to Fuzzy makes everyone happy. We feel that closeness and know that one day after living a full and happy life we will go on to become one with Fuzzy again. There is no reason to keep being unhappy or miserable. It is time to let the pain go. It is time to open your heart to Fuzzy.

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