Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got woken up abruptly about 5:30 am

The cat had jumped into the window going crazy because it was raining. He is scared of the rain. My husband immediately pointed out it was raining and I should go check my wool. I think I started wailing a bit at that point.

I am so glad he thinks clearly when he first wakes up. I do not, which is why during the course of bringing my drying racks in from the balcony to the bathroom I ran right into the glass doors, forehead first.

We got all the racks into the bathroom. Thankfully they are the stackable kind so they are all stacked into the tub. I am equally glad my husband was helping me because I was all fumble fingers trying to get the legs into the wholes on the rack and almost dumped it over.

The roving and yarn are now hanging up over the edge of the shower rod. The cat had to be chased out of the bathroom about 3 times during this process because he is curious and wanted to jump up on the racks. The door is now closed and I turned the over head hot light on in the tub. I dont know that it will help but I figure it wont hurt.

I am so frustrated. It was almost dry. I had plans to pick it apart today, the wool. It got damp with the rain. Should I rewash it all? Should I just continue drying it? This is not how I had wanted to wake up.

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