Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 3 batches of wool have dried

I was very surprised to find this to be true when my husband told me. I have thought over the past few days and I think I can see some areas where I could have improved my experience already.

I think starting with a presoak is a good thing. I will probably be doing this in the future. I will also probably do smaller batches at a time. I say probably because I tend to get all excited about an idea and go big. It is hard for me to think small in most cases. I just think that the wool would have required fewer washings/rinses if I had not only done a presoak but also did smaller batches per tub.

I could have skirted much better. I will do a better job next time! I am learning questions to ask future places that I buy my fleeces. These are coming not only from myself but also from the groups I belong to on Ravelry. Good info available there.

I will post more on the particular fleeces later when I have some new pics to go with them.

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